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20 Years Digital – 20 Pictures


It’s been 20 years since I took my first steps with digital photography, an incision as formative as the beginning of my hobby. 

Suddenly there were other problems to solve than Agfa against Kodak, keeping the darkroom temperature constant or where to find space for the 20 rolls of film I will need on holiday. The new problems also had their origin in technology, but were completely different: how many megapixels are necessary for a good picture (answer: 3, if there is an additional SW  interpolation to 6 available) or: how can I prevent the white edges on the leaves when resharpening (answer: not possible) and how, for heaven’s sake, did it come to the point that I now carry 16kg of photo ‘stuff’ around in Asia for 3 months, in addition to the 12kg of luggage?

But some problems remained, despite the rapid development of the technology, which I of course always had to follow immediately, in order not to fall behind just because of the use of outdated technology.

And there it is, the main principle of photography, which has been valid since the beginning of light writing: the quality of a picture is primarily determined by its design. The technology used can only contribute to the realization of the photographer’s idea.

In this sense, I have also become a fan of photography using a smartphone. And forced by Parkinson’s to optimize by omission. So the beginning and now also the beginning of the last stage of my journey with digital photography was determined by the compensation of deficiencies. It was and still is a beautiful journey.

Why don’t you all take a little ride, so that you don’t miss how this main principle of photography is eliminated by the creation of the self-creating app – I call it banal snapsapp. We have arrived at the final termination of the Beautiful Photo World. Please –

Exit the train.

Or not?

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